Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day of Surgery

Early in the morning, I took the cat to the SPCA to get fixed.  Turns out it was a girl :)  So she was spayed and they make a little V-cutout on the right ear so that it serves as a marker that this particular cat has been spayed/neutered, just in case I were to catch her again.  The only bad thing about it being a girl is that she requires a longer recovery period of 3 days, whereas a male can be released after 24 hours.  Here are a couple pics of her after the surgery:  

I put a little shoebox lid in the cage with some kitty litter for her to use, but I don't think she really understands the point of it because unfortunately she sat on the first water bowl I put in there, and then proceeded to sit on the kitty litter :(  Her tail and but had kitty litter stuck all over it!  Anyway, I didn't really want to keep her for 3 whole days because it seemed like a long time, and I had read online that you shouldn't keep feral cats for more than 48 hours because it increases their stress.  After I finished my class on Thursday night, I decided I wanted to release her because she had started eating again and she seemed alert.  I also wanted to release her when her siblings would be around, and they usually come out at night.  

So, I took her back over to the school and put out some food to coax the other little ones out.  Soon enough they came, so I got her from the car and reunited her with her little family :)  

One down, lots more to go!

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