Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cats, cats, and more cats

I just wanted to post a few pictures of some of the cats during the daylight to show how many there are living on the campus.  Everytime I go there, I feel like there are all these eyes on me.....probably because there are: 

Here are some pics that show the little orange ones. 

So far, I've caught 2 of the 4 younger orange kitties.  The other 2 are proving harder to catch!  Probably because they've watched the others go in the trap and won't fall for the same thing.  We'll see though. 

Lastly, here's a pic of one of the orange kitties I got before.  I can tell by its right ear, which has a V notched into it: 

Happy to see they're doing well :)

Ferals #3 and #4

Last week was a busy week.  I caught one cat on Tuesday night and took what turned out to be a "her" to get spayed.  This time I had caught a black kitty. 

This one was really subdued compared to the others. 

The next one I caught was on Thursday night.  When I took it to the SPCA the next day, it was full of ferals!  They were overloaded that day and I was turned away with a feral cat in my backseat.  I really didn't want to release it without having it fixed because odds are that I wouldn't be able to catch it again.  I called a few local vets to see if they worked with ferals and I found one that is around the corner from my house.  Luckily they had an opening and they offer a discounted rate for spaying/neutering ferals.  I dropped this one off, and it was actually a boy!

It's so hard to tell them apart.  There are SO many black cats at the school.  The vet notched his ear and I tried to get a picture up close: 

You can see the little V taken off the right ear so that people can tell this one's been fixed already.  When this one was done recovering, I took a quick video of me releasing it.  I think releasing them is my favorite part because they always run away and seem happy to get back to their home.