Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kitty #12! (from July 2011)

Kitty #12 has a good story.  There was a mom cat with 2 kittens I had been eyeing.  I really wanted to catch the kittens while they were young enough to be socialized and adopted out.   I tried really hard to get the kittens and/or the mom.  This particular mom is way too smart for conventional trapping.  She doesn't even get within 20 feet of the trap.  Anyway, after a few attempts, I was able to trap this little guy!

This kitten used to hang out with his sibling and their mom.  Their mom was pretty protective of them so I was even lucky to get one of them.  Here's a pic of the three of them together:

The reason this is a good story is because my friend Sarah ended up adopting this guy!  I got a voucher from Purrfect Cat Rescue to neuter the cat for $20.  After I got him neutered, I started him on his vaccinations and got him an FIV/FeLV test, which he was negative :)  After my husband and I kept him for a few weeks, I took him to his new home to be with his new family.  Here's a little slideshow of the pics of Rajah.  I also have some videos of him I'll upload soon :)  Enjoy!!


  1. OMG, he is adorable and looks like my kitties.Love the tufts of fur in his ears!!

  2. He does look like your kitties!! I miss him but I'm glad he's in a good home :)