Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kitty #11 (from June 2011)

So I'm still way behind on blogging about these cats, but I remember this one pretty well.  You know those female cats, they're always so hard to catch so I feel really good when I get one.  This little girl already had 2 kittens and she was taking good care of them.  She was always sure to give me a "hiss!!" when I'd get anywhere near her and her kitties.  Well, somehow I caught her after a few tries.  Here she is, yet ANOTHER black kitty!!:  

I caught her first and had to go back the next day to try to get her two kittens, which I knew were old enough to eat crunchy food so I wasn't worried about them being away from mom cat.  It ended up taking me a couple days to get the two kittens, but I got them!  Here they are: 

A cute little black kitty and a cute siamese mix kitty.  I knew I was going to be catching kittens so I bought a kids pack-n-play to keep them in.  I only kept these guys a couple days and then I took them to the local Humane Society to go to a foster home.  They went to a foster home and then they were both adopted out.  I frequently called to check up on them :) 

Below is a pic of where these kitties were living.  You can see the mom cat and to the left of her in the pic is the little siamese kitty. 

I'm glad that these guys have been adopted and are now in cozy homes!  I still feed the mom and see her around of course. 

These little ones are technically my first foster kittens, though I only kept them for a couple days.  Don't worry....there are more to come! 


  1. Thanks for what you do. There is a feral who lives in the woods behind my house and I had him fixed and feed him everyday. Often he will be outside waiting for me to put the wet food in the bowl in the morning (although there is already plenty of dry food available).

  2. Hi Erin, How is Scrappy doing? Thanks for your heroic work!

  3. Hi MyCatBoys! Scrappy is doing okay. Some of his scabs came off and part of his leg is open again. I'm hoping it will scab over again and heal itself. We'll just have to wait and see. The vet told me to put some Neosporin on it to keep it free from infection. Besides his leg, he's great! Such a snuggler :)