Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cats #8 and 8 1/2??

So again, it's been a while since I updated but at the beginning of April, I caught and fixed cat #8, which was the last of the four orange kitties I had been trying to fix.  This one was a male if I recall correctly.  Here he is:

   I was happy to be able to get all these four orange ones fixed. 

The next cat is one of my favorites.  He's definitely not very shy.  Whenever I pull up to the parking lot where I feed them, he comes right up to my car.  I brought tuna a couple times and he would follow me around, about 10-15 feet behind me, stalking me to the different feeding areas to try to get some more tuna.  Now, every time I pull up, I think he's expecting to get some tuna from me!  Anyway, I caught him one night and took him to get fixed the next day.  When I picked him up in the afternoon, they told me he had already been fixed!!  His ear doesn't even look like it has been marked so I was surprised.  This is why he's cat #8 1/2.  He's a cute tuxedo cat.  Here are a couple pics:

Right after I released this guy, I put out some leftover tuna I'd been feeding him in my garage.  Usually the cats run away for their life but this one just walked a few feet away, turned around and looked at me like he was waiting for food!

I have more cats to update about...stay tuned readers, if I have any ;)

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